Making Memories: Crafting City Bank’s “Our Goal—West Texas” Commercial

City Bank prides themselves on their West Texas identity, having served the region for more than 60 years. Communicating this message was always top of mind when it came to new creative. The client was also interested in keeping their spots fresh—making something neither they nor their audience had seen before.

When it came time to create a new campaign, we gathered to team to bounce around some ideas. What started to form was an idea on how to create a sense of time and place; something uniquely West Texas. Referencing travel videos that employed flashy techniques including hyper lapse and cutting on pans, we began to draw up a list of images and scenarios that would resonate with a West Texas viewer.

Along with the sound design, this shot evoked the pride the people of West Texas have in their Red Raiders.

Typically, I draw up a storyboard to present to a client, but this concept did not lend itself well to one. Instead, they were shown material referenced and a shot list, which was enough to get approval to proceed. Some of the scenarios filmed are authentic, such as the rodeo shots and blacksmith. Others were manufactured, such as the farmer watching the approaching storm.

No such storm was present that day. It was added in post.

As editing began it became apparent that some of the initial ideas wouldn’t work; namely incorporating hyper lapse sequences. We supplemented this with additional shoots. That’s when the project really began to take shape. The feel of the spot began to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Sound design further enhanced the feeling that this was something being remembered, something foundational to the essence of West Texas.

The final spot garnered a lot of attention for the client in the market and went on to win Best of Show and Judges Choice awards at district AAF awards.




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